We heavily rely on donations for our every day needs on the farm. This allows us to save more animals with the funds we have. We are not picky, and will graciously take hand me downs. So if you see something on the list and you have a spare lying around, we will gladly accept it.

Some of the items on this list are acts of service like helping us build things around the farm. If you are handy with a hammer, talented with pounding T-Post or are successful with a shovel…then boy, do we have a job for you!!!

Your time is the most valuable thing you can offer. We always have projects going on, even if you only have an hour to spare, we will gladly accept it! We want the rescues to be ready when it is time to offer therapy sessions, so the more time they spend around people, the better. You can come and groom, work with them on a lead line, play soccer with them or just love on them. It is all needed and all very welcomed.

Hay Fund

Hay Rings

Used Washing Machine Drums (used for mini hay containers)

Fence & Gate Panels

Extra Large Pallets (62″ X 72″ are what we are using right now) as many as we can find. We build shelters out of them when they are the right size. The ones we have right now are perfect, they came from a Coffee Roaster who was going out of business. It is what their beans came on from South America.

Plastic Pallets (10)

Golf Cart (our’s has died)

Tractor, old, used, broken…we will try to get it working!

36″ fencing from Tractor Supply (Red Brand is strongest)

30 – 6′ T-post

3 New Shelters, time, labor & materials needed

Per Shelter:

  • 3-10′ 4 X 4 posts
  • 3-8′ 4 X 4 posts
  • Metal Roofing
  • Wood for framing

T-Posts driven for paddock separation

Fence run to separate paddocks

Bush Hog, the equipment & / or the service

Ditch Witch, we need to run PVC pipe before freezing temps

PVC Pipe, 550 feet, plus connectors, elbows & 4 faucet stations

Feed from Tractor Supply Company (or gift cards to TSC)

Sponsorship of Individual Animals

Farrier Fund Donations

Vet Fund Donations

Seed Spreader

Hay Fork for Tractor

Amazon Wish List Items &/or Amazon gift cards

Or, to help financially, you can send your support through: PayPal Donations

And a farm…well, we are working on this one. Currently we lease 2 farms. They are wonderful places and very close to one another. But… we need more space and instead of continuing to lease, we are looking for an all inclusive space to expand the rescue and start therapy programs. So if you hear of something out there…let us know. We are looking to go further South, ie…Edisto, Yemassee, Meggett, John’s Island, Wadlamaw…etc… We need a minimum of 10 acres, but would prefer to get at least 20 so the rescue and programs can grow and service more people and more animals. Land needs to be high because horse hooves need dry ground. As much as we love McClellanville, the land is just too expensive.