WSN is a collaborative effort to rescue horses out of inhumane situations, including the shipping of equine across American boarders for slaughter. We are a 501c3 approved rescue.

Due to the graphic nature of this conversation, we ask that you private message us for more information or that you visit our Facebook page, We Say Neigh. Or follow us on Instagram @WeSayNeigh .

In the meantime, you can help us help ‘them’ by donating to the rescue’s general fund. We are proud to say, with help of donors like you, we have been a part of over 300 rescues to date. Everything from donating towards their ransom, helping with Vet bills or transportation, to physically rescuing and bringing them back to the farm or finding suitable adoptive homes.

We can NOT do this without the help of donors and sponsors.

If you are able, please consider a donation of any amount via Paypal or take a look at our Wish List for something you may even have that you no longer use. And most of all, a gift of your time is always our favorite donation. If you are looking to help a specific critter, we would love for you to look at our Sponsorship page. We also now have Venmo (@WeSayNeigh) and CashApp ($WeSayNeigh). Checks can be mailed to us as well. Please contact us via email if you need our address.

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