Why sponsor? 

We all know we cannot adopt every animal that pulls on our heartstrings, but we can still make a profound difference on animals in need. Our animal sponsorship program allows you to make a donation that will make a difference in the lives of one of the sanctuary animals!  The sanctuary animals are the ones, for one reason or another, we have decided to make permanent members of the farm. Your contribution will assist in offsetting their expenses of feed, hay, vet care, farrier care and so much more while ensuring that we can continue to save more animals going forward!  Sponsorship directly supports the particular pet of your choosing which means your contribution will not be allocated to other program funds. 

What Do You Get Out of Sponsoring? 

Even though you’re not adopting, you still receive the joy of knowing you helped provide care for the animal(s) you choose to sponsor.  Because of generous people like you, we may continue to save animals that may otherwise be abused, neglected, or shipped to slaughter.   

Ways to Sponsor

As a sponsor, you can offer monthly donations that will help different rescue animals throughout the year or you can make a one-time contribution to a specific animal. Once you’ve decided you want to sponsor a pet you can click on the Sponsor button below their name and this will take you directly to their Paypal. Each animal has their own money pool set up that will show full transparency of the funds that come in for them. Some of the animals have had or continue to have higher ongoing care and needs. Those animals have higher goals set for their sponsorships.  

Thank you for considering sponsoring an animal in need.